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Thank you for your participation

Information on filling out the survey

Thank you for agreeing to fill out this employee survey! The goal of the survey is to find out what you as an employee think about your working environment and, based on the results, to work together with you to shape the future of your employer.

For this reason, as a first step, we ask you to take the time to respond to the statements in this survey in order to provide us with your assessment of the various aspects of your current position. In this way you can take an active role in shaping working conditions at your employer.

The survey takes about 20 minutes. Keep in mind while filling out the survey that there are no right or wrong answers. All that matters is your opinion. If you cannot or do not want to answer a question, you can skip it. If you have to interrupt the completion of the questionnaire, your entered data will be retained so that you can continue filling it in at a later time. Only if you click on "Save & Send" at the end of the survey will your answers be included in the results reports.

No personal information will be included in the survey. This will help to protect your anonymity. Moreover, in order to ensure complete anonymity, the surveys will be compiled and evaluated by an external body – the Institute for Business and Organizational Processes (Institut for Wirtschaft und Organisationale Prozesse (IWOP)). After the surveys have been evaluated, IWOP will always present the results in their reports so that only the compiled results are depicted for each statement and no individual responses are shown. Consequently, it will not be possible to draw any connections between the conclusions in the reports and individual employees.

As a rule, responses will only be evaluated for individual reporting units when at least five employees per unit have responded to the respective statement or statements. If there are fewer than five responses, the employees’ responses will be included with the next-largest reporting unit. This means that we can doubly ensure that: 1) your responses will be included and 2) your anonymity is protected.

Mr. Mustermann will be happy to answer any questions about the questionnaire or the survey procedure.


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